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Welcome to TripOwn! We’re your go-to hub for discovering almost 2000 (1942 and growing) vivid descriptions of places to see, activities to do, and experiences to cherish. Here’s a quick guide to navigating our site.

Managing such a vast amount of content is no small feat. While we strive to keep each description current, we understand that places evolve. Our team diligently verifies and updates listings to ensure accuracy, adding new activities as we discover them, often through our valued partners. Occasionally, we may drift away from the current state of things in some of the listings we have, but we promise to catch up quickly.

We’ve standardized our listing structure to make browsing easier. The main idea here isn’t to have you spend hours poring over travel guides, searching for bits of inspiration, and then planning your trip. We flip that around. We tell you upfront what you can expect to experience. For people who travel like we do, everything else falls into place from there.

That’s why, already in all of Krakow’s and NYC’s attractions (and soon in all other cities we cover), you’ll know what you can experience right from the title. We get straight to the point so you can quickly see if it’s your thing. For example, you’ll know right away if you’re in the mood to experience Stepping into Pauza: An Arty Oasis of Dim Lights, Photo Exhibitions, and Lively Musical Vibes in a 19th-Century Cracow Gem, or if Experience the Divine: Explore Miracles and Mast-Tower Majesty at Krakow’s Mercy Sanctuary better matches your mood. As you browse, we want to immerse you in all the exciting experiences waiting for you.

Once you find an experience you’re interested in, you’ll see a familiar structure. Each listing starts with an intro that captures the essence of the place or activity. We highlight unique quirks and must-see spots so you can find what you love quickly and easily.

Some listings stop at the intro, while others go deeper with “Highlights” that add more context and depth. For a detailed dive, some listings have an “Explained” chapter sourced from reliable places like Wikipedia, ensuring you get the full picture. After all, we may be experts at experiencing things, but there are certainly people who can tell you a whole lot more about each individual place than we can. We believe our responsibility is to give you quick access to a refined version of this expert and background knowledge, just in case you experience a bit of curiosity while exploring.

Additionally, we provide practical details such as opening hours and available activities, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

For instance, take a look at our entry on Arènes de Lutéce, where you’ll find an introductory chapter, two thematic highlights (covering history and architecture) that were written by us, and two explanatory chapters sourced from Wikipedia.

Wherever your travels take you, we’re here to inspire and inform. Happy exploring!


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