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From working with many travel attraction providers over the years and hearing their opinions, one thing is clear: the worst thing that can happen to their sales and growth is being seen as a commodity and neglecting their uniqueness.

In the modern day and age, with ticket aggregators displaying hundreds of travel attractions side by side, it’s hard to escape being commoditized. The answer is to be unique and embrace it with all bravery via customized experiences, as it’s the customized experiences that truly distinguish you and cultivate a loyal base of travelers who become lifelong fans and return for years. In travel, the quality of the experience directly correlates with profitability, so standardizing everything isn’t the path to growing your travel business. We believe that smart customization is.

If you agree with our perspective and seek to enhance your travel business by offering more customized experiences beyond standard, cookie-cutter tours, it’s crucial to approach this strategically. Open-ended travel experiences are often impractical, and superficial customization is easily detected by travelers. With the TripOwn Customized Experience Booking widget, we propose a balanced solution: limited customization. Starting with a comprehensive array of offerings, the key to effective customization lies in defining specific booking steps that cater to diverse traveler interests, all seamlessly integrated and white-labeled to align with your brand’s visual identity. This approach allows travelers to explore options in real-time pricing, ensuring they feel valued and unique in their booking experience.

We want to introduce the booking widget we’ve been working on for a long time, designed to help you book more customized travel experiences. 90% of the work has already been completed—now, this tool just needs the finishing touch: your specific, unique set of options that travelers will use to plan their experience with you.

How to go live

Customize booking steps

Schedule a call and send us your activity inventory (in any format). We'll design the booking process and flow to maximize sales and the average ticket price. The booking flow we'll create ensures a tailored experience for travelers and incorporates upsell and premium pricing steps where applicable.

Whitelabel, implement, and Go Live

Once the booking flow is determined, we'll whitelabel the booking widget to match your brand's colors and experiences. Then we'll publish it on a subdomain of your business and integrate it with your current travel CRM.

Enhance sales and elevate experiences

Customized experiences elevate each traveler's journey, positioning them as luxury offerings. The final step ensures travelers enjoy unforgettable experiences.

How it’s built

Frontend with React

React's component-based architecture allows for building highly interactive and responsive user interfaces, crucial for a seamless booking experience. Virtual DOM and efficient rendering ensure fast updates and smooth user interactions, optimizing performance even with dynamic data.

Backend with Node.js

Node.js's event-driven, non-blocking I/O model enables handling concurrent requests efficiently, ensuring scalability under heavy loads. Enables real-time updates and notifications, crucial for booking updates and availability checks without page refreshes.

Portable and easy to integrate

The tech stack makes it easy to use external data sources like calendars, payment gateways, and CRM systems, and it's highly customizable through React components and Node.js APIs, allowing tailoring of the booking widget to specific branding and functionality requirements. Can work as an iframe.

What we require

A touch of customizability

Your travel activity should allow some customization and include different options to make booking easy. Offering more choices, special packages, and extras will improve the experience. We'll create a simple booking process to help you get more bookings and higher average spending.

Access to the inventory database

TripOwn aims to immerse travelers in the here and now. We already achieve this with 2000 self-guided experiences, and now we want to extend this approach to organized, customizable activities that can be booked. For that, we need access to your inventory, ideally via API. This allows us to quickly check real-time availability for the spots or tickets you offer. If you don't have an inventory API in place, we can help create one for you.

High-quality experience

Making sure travelers have a great time is crucial for TripOwn, especially since we mainly serve millennials who expect a lot and want things fast. So, it's important to update your inventory regularly to show what's available accurately. This helps streamline bookings and improve satisfaction.

Let’s grow your travel brand the unique way


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